Mr. G's AP World History

Chapter 6

The Rise and Spread of Islam

Prepare yourself for the chapter by doing the following exercises using your text: Map Exercises (Stearns Text)

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Map of Arabia--the Birthplace of Islam

The Size and Scope of the Abbasid Empire

From the following map, notice the extent to which Islam has spread throughout the world since its inception in the 7th century. Today it reaches almost all corners of the world.


Politics Umayyad Dynasty; Abbasid Dynasty; problem of succession (ie. caliphs); jihad
Intellectual/Science Algebra, “Arabic” numerals; “Saviors of Western learning
Geography Arabian peninsula to north Africa, Asia; nomadic, bedouin; Mecca and Medina (the Hijra)
Economics Indian Ocean trade (“Southernization”)
Arts  Mosques; geometric/patterned religious art
Religion Islam; Allah the Koran, Hijra; The 5 Pillars; Sharia law
Social “People of the Book”; tolerance; Sunni vs. Shiite; Sufism; changing status of women
People Mohammed, Khadija, Abu Bakr




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