Mr. G's AP World History

Chapter 2

Francis Fukuyama is a well-known, controversial American political scientist, political economist, and author. In his latest book, “The Origins of Political Order”–an impressive blend of anthropology, social biology, history and political science–Fukuyama goes in search of the origins of modern government – something so essential to our lives that we forget how arduous it was to create in the first place, assuming conscious acts were involved rather than necessity. Watching this after having read Chapter 2 will provide you with much greater insight into the development of civilization, specifically in China and India.


Politics  Mandate of Heaven; dynastic cycle; Zhou/Qin/Han Dynasties; Legalism & Shi Huangdi; centralization; state bureaucracy
Intellectual/Science  Standardization (currency, weights/measures, language)
Geography  Yangtze & Yellow Rivers; Great Wall
Economics  Silk Road
Arts  Porcelain; silk
Religion  Oracle bones/ancestor worship
Social “Middle Kingdom”; Ying/Yang; Confucisanism (Confucius); Daoism (Lao Tze); Legalism (Shi Huangdi); Patriarchal society; slavery vs. serfdom

Click HERE for the textbook chapter summary.

CLICK on the map below to see the history of China through maps.

CLICK on the picture to view the history of China by maps


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