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The Protestant Work Ethic

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What is the Protestant Work Ethic? Look it up online (use more than one source) and write a half-page summary. Who came up with the idea? What sorts of arguments is the idea based upon? Lastly, do you think it is a credible idea; does it accurately explain why Western European peoples of Protestant belief accumulated more wealth and demonstrated more material productivity in comparison to their Catholic neighbors or others civilizations at the time?


Hard Power, Soft Power…Smart Power

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For those of you in the class who are interested in further exploring these important concepts, watch the following interview with the creator of these terms, Joseph Nye.

“Emphasizing the differences between military, economic, and soft power, Nye distinguishes three chess boards or domains where the faces of power have a differential impact on behavior. Understanding this complexity makes for the possibility of smart power. Nye then discusses the rise and fall of great powers but emphasizes the importance of the diffusion of power especially apparent in the cyber domain in which the communications revolution has created new actors and new rules of the game. He then applies his concepts to recent international events including the revolution in Egypt; the Wiki leaks phenomena; and the humanitarian intervention in Libya. He concludes with a discussion of whether American institutions can adapt to the prerequisites of a smart strategy that comprehends the complexity of international life in the 21st century.”

A Graphic Representation of Guns, Germs, & Steel

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All you really need to know about Guns, Germs, & Steel in one page. Enjoy!