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Korean Soft Power

Posted in China, Cool Ideas by gibault1 on November 17, 2011

As we’ve learned in chapter 13, China traditionally enjoyed a great deal of influence in the Asian sphere. Being the “core” civilization of the area, many of its ideas either travelled to neighbouring peoples or were directly adopted by them (ie. Korea & Japan). This was an ongoing pattern throughout much of history and its important to note.

Today, while China enjoys great clout both financially and militarily in the region, its neighbour Korea also finds itself enjoying a growing amount of power–power, in this case, of the “soft” variety. Watch the clip below to see how Korean notions of beauty are transforming the way people in Asia view themselves. Also, read the Pitchfork music article to understand just how increasingly powerful the Korean Pop music scene is becoming. Korea is growing its international footprint; a reversal compared to its position viz-a-viz China during its early history.

Click HERE for the BBC video clip on the booming Korean plastic surgery industry.

Click HERE to read the fascinating Pitchfork article “To Anyone: The Rise of Korean Wave”–an introduction to the increasingly influential world of K-Pop.


Document Based Question Practice Time!!!

Posted in Ancient Rome, AP Exam, China by gibault1 on November 10, 2011

Woot woot!!! It’s time to practice DBQ writing again. Yeeeehaw!!!

Yes, Mr. G has finally decided to acquiesce to your wishes. So many of you have been asking Mr. G to assign DBQ essay practice over the weekend that he finally couldn’t ignore your pleas anymore. Going to the mall, listening to Bieber, playing video games, hanging out with friends, sleeping in and watching movies: Mr. G was eventually convinced–from all the emails, the letters, the blog posts, the hints and winks–that you don’t want any of this; moreover, that you actually want some intense, rigorous AP work. Alright, you win, kids, you win 😉

Click HERE for your DBQ practice question.

Rough draft due Tuesday.

The Sources of Chinese Conduct

Posted in China by gibault1 on March 29, 2011

“Six decades ago, the American diplomat George Kennan wrote an article, “The Sources of Soviet Conduct,” that galvanized American and world opinion, which soon hardened into the rigid postures of the Cold War. Today, given China’s decisive influence on the global economy, and its increasing ability to project military power, understanding the sources of Chinese conduct has become a central issue in international relations. Indeed, better understanding of China’s foreign policy motivations may help prevent relations between China and the United States from hardening into rigid and antagonistic postures.”

Click HERE for the rest of the article about China’s current internal debate about its identity.

The Fall of the Qing…

Posted in China by gibault1 on February 16, 2011

The Opium War, also called the Anglo-Chinese War, was the most humiliating defeat China ever suffered. In European history, it is perhaps the most sordid, base, and vicious event in European history, possibly, just possibly, overshadowed by the excesses of the Third Reich in the twentieth century.

By the 1830’s, the English had become the major drug-trafficking criminal organization in the world; very few drug cartels of the twentieth century can even touch the England of the early nineteenth century in sheer size of criminality.”

Click HERE for explanation and analysis of the destabilizing Opium War in Qing China at the end of the 19th C.