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Who Was the Richest Person Ever?

Posted in Ancient Rome, Economics by gibault1 on November 19, 2011

Frustration over income inequality has given rise to “Occupy Wall Street” protests in the United States and related demonstrations throughout the developed world. In this excerpt from “The Haves and the Have-Nots,” World Bank economist Branko Milanovic answers the question of who was the richest person to have ever lived.

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Document Based Question Practice Time!!!

Posted in Ancient Rome, AP Exam, China by gibault1 on November 10, 2011

Woot woot!!! It’s time to practice DBQ writing again. Yeeeehaw!!!

Yes, Mr. G has finally decided to acquiesce to your wishes. So many of you have been asking Mr. G to assign DBQ essay practice over the weekend that he finally couldn’t ignore your pleas anymore. Going to the mall, listening to Bieber, playing video games, hanging out with friends, sleeping in and watching movies: Mr. G was eventually convinced–from all the emails, the letters, the blog posts, the hints and winks–that you don’t want any of this; moreover, that you actually want some intense, rigorous AP work. Alright, you win, kids, you win 😉

Click HERE for your DBQ practice question.

Rough draft due Tuesday.