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Dialectical Notes

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  Dialectical Journal / Reading Response

                                   LEFT SIDE OF PAGE                                                                              RIGHT SIDE OF PAGE

This side of the page includes the following activities:

1. Paraphrasing

2. Paragraph summaries

3. Notation of important terms

4. Explanation of the reading

5. Labeling of text titles, page numbers,

   paragraph numbers, chapter titles

   and numbers

Additional Notation Ideas:

1. Definitions of vocabulary

2. Notes on citations

3. Notes on references or allusions to

    other works of literature or art,

    historical events and people

Reviewing the left side should help you remember exactly what you have read, as you believe the author would want you to know it.

This side is objectiveand analytical, and its aim is to give a fair and honest report of the reading.

This side of the page includes the following activities:

1. Asking questions

2. Noting your puzzlement, curiosity

3. Making associations to other

    thoughts and ideas

4. Adding your own opinion

   (agreement, exasperation,

   disagreement, and why)

Helpful questions:

1. Of what does this reading make me


2. With what do I need help?

3. What questions do I bring to the


4. What does this mean?

5. Why do we care?

Reviewing the right side should help you in preparing to take an active part in a seminar on the reading.

This side attempts to evaluateand synthesize. It is where you attempt to applythe reading and its ideas to your own life and opinions.

Dialectical Journal Reading Response Scoring Guide

Name:                                              Class:                                                 Date:

LEVEL 3 – Synthesis and Evaluation of the Text

LEVEL 2 – Evidence of Understanding and Appreciation of the Text

LEVEL 1 – Literal Surface Encounter with the Text

_____ A strong interest in the material as evidenced through an awareness of levels and nuances of meaning

_____ Judgements are textually and experientially based

_____ Predictions are thoughtful and keenly observed

_____ Analysis is consistent with the material presented

_____ Shows an understanding of subject or author motivation

_____ Comparisons and connections are found between text and other academic, literary and artistic sources

_____ Awareness that personal beliefs may differ from those expressed in the text

_____ Demonstrates an awareness of point of view

_____ Insightful – demonstrating the ability to read deeply and critically

_____ Quotations, vocabulary and key terms are noted

_____ Masterful use of academic and historical terms to analyze, interpret and evaluate various genres of sources

_____ Does summarize, but rather reflects upon the content

_____ Personal connections between the text and student’s own experience are made

_____ Predictions are plausible, given the scenario, but may change after further reading

_____ Demonstrates an ability to understand subjects’ motivations

_____ Quotes from text for support

_____ Ability to hypothesize and predict

_____ Formatting gives reference to titles, page numbers, paragraphs, etc.

_____ Evidence that student is engaged in the text

_____ Beginning use of historical terms to analyze, interpret and evaluate literature

_____ Lacks a critical interest in the text

_____ Primarily summarizes the selection

_____ Unsupported by evidence from the text or experience

_____ Predictions are unrealistic or improbable

_____ Fails to ask questions or hypothesize

_____ Uses stereotypical responses

_____ Entries are too short

_____ Confusion about the text

_____ Off-topic responses

_____ Poor or sloppy formatting makes journal difficult to read

_____ No references to titles, chapters, page numbers, or paragraphs

_____ Indications that reader is not engaged or interacting with the text





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