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Another C&C Essay to Practice

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Analyze similarities and differences in the rise of TWO of the following empires.
                     – A West African Sudanic empire (Mali OR Ghana OR Songhay)
                     – The Aztec Empire
                     – The Mongol Empire


Be sure to write an essay that:
• Has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with appropriate historical evidence.
• Addresses all parts of the question.
• Makes direct, relevant comparisons.
Analyzes relevant reasons for similarities and differences.


Your Review Work

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Click HERE for you AP Historical Causation Exercise. Pick any 2 and complete for tomorrow.

Click HERE if you want a copy of the Spider Web Review activity that we did in class today. It’s a good way to review content and connect ideas across time and space.

Your Compare & Contrast Essay Question

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Question: Compare & contrast how the First World War and its outcomes affected TWO of the following regions in the period from the
war through the 1930’s:

                                                        East Asia, Middle East, South Asia.

Due: Wednesday

Don’t brush this off. Use the opportunity to hone your skills at this critical time (ie. as the AP Exam looms on the horizon). Try to craft your best essay possible. Don’t forget that format is key. Make sure your intro paragraph provides a “Road Map” so that your reader easily knows how your essay will unfold. If you forget the criterion to score 9/9, refresh your memory by looking it up.