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Taboo Cards Example

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Click HERE for a template for your AP World History “Taboo” cards

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Chapter 20 Multiple Choice Quiz

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Click HERE for the chapter 20 quiz. You can use your textbook to complete it.

Due: Tuesday.


The 10,000 Hour Rule

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You all want to dominate the AP test in May. You all want to be awesome academics who excel at AP World History. You all want to know the secrets of how to be pro, ninja, top-notch, world class, master, boss, expert, caesaropapist,whiz, veteran, virtuoso, level-5 wizard, guru, gangsta, etc… But you also know that one doesn’t just have these skills and powers by default. They need to be earned. How? Read the following chapter excerpt to learn the secret to being the next Bill Gates or Mozart. Learn the 10,000 hours rule. Click HERE.

Read and do Dialectical Notes for next Tuesday.

This is an excerpt from a great book written by a most triumphant and erudite dude, Malcolm Gladwell. Check out his website here: And read more about him here:

What the Banda Islands Can Tell Us About World Trade…and Continuity & Change Over Time in AP World

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“The Bandas can tell us quite a bit about economics. The lessons these islands offer have to do with the impact of global trade and how that trade shapes and defines the fortunes of nations and peoples. They also provide a cautionary tale, of the damage trade can do– if, and here’s the key point, those in charge don’t adapt to the change trade inevitably creates.” 

This recent Time article puts some of the history we’ve been reading into context. It deals with the rise and fall of European mercantilist powers and the one-time-lucrative spice trade in the South Pacific. Read it HERE and complete a set of dialectical notes.