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The History of Money, Finance, & Power

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If you’re at all interested and curious about economics and how it shapes the world, take the time to watch these recent documentaries done by a renowned Harvard professor.

In the four-hour version of THE ASCENT OF MONEY, historian and author Niall Ferguson seeks to explain the financial history of the world, exploring how our complex system of global finance evolved over the centuries, how money has shaped the course of human affairs and how the mechanics of this economic system work to create seemingly unlimited wealth—or catastrophic loss.

*** Follow the links on Google Video to see the remaining parts. Or watch them all here:



Harman Chapter Summary

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Chapter Summary: Harman’s “A People’s History of the World”,Chapt 4

1) Read the chapter. Remember that Harman is writing from a social justice perspective (ie. Haves vs. Have Nots)

2) Summarize the chapter using a minimum of 20 bullet points.

-Make sure your points are explanatory, not vague

-Aim for the big ideas and events, rather than incidental and tangential things

3) Create a summary statement that encapsulates the key theme(s) of the chapter.

Chapter 14 – Mongols Multiple Choice Questions

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Here they are. These questions are due on Tuesday. As usual, you can use your textbook as you work through them. Chapter 14 The Last Nomadic Challenges From Chinggis Khan to Timur